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What the parents are saying about us
As a first time Mum I had a lot of anxiety about issues like weaning and sleeping. Sarah helped to put my mind at rest. Before she started with us my son would only nap very briefly and at uncertain times of the day so it was very difficult to make plans or have any time to myself. He also woke frequently at night. Sarah's advice and expertise meant that within two weeks my son was napping consistently and for two hours at a time, and as a result his night time sleep also improved.

When I decided to wean off the breast feeding my son refused any bottle, we tried everything! But again within a few weeks after Sarah arrived my son was happily taking full feeds from a bottle.

Sarah also provided excellent advice about suitable foods for him to start eating that were easy for me to prepare as a busy mum. Since then Sarah has provided advice and support about many issues including behaviour, play, teething and illness. I can honestly say I don't know what we would have done without her. In addition to her wealth of experience and knowledge Sarah is a fun, enthusiastic and above all kind person and my son absolutely loves her. She is reliable, trustworthy and frequently goes above and beyond the call of duty. Sarah has given me the confidence to believe that I am a good mum. My husband and I feel very lucky to have found her!

Mrs H, Hampshire.

Kirsty was a breath of fresh air during a sleep deprived, tough time with our baby daughter. Her calm, step by step approach helped us tremendously. The ability to listen and sympathise is a rare skill that Kirsty has in abundance. We are happy to say that after Kirsty’s expert guidance we now have a plan in place and have seen significant improvements. We would highly recommend Kirsty to any  struggling parents.

Mr S, London
Kirsty 07846 725111 or Sarah 07716 154906
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